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Đáp án, đề thi thử ĐH môn Tiếng Anh

Thứ Ba, ngày 19/06/2012 16:12 PM (GMT+7)

Đề thi thử ĐH, CĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2012 (có kèm đáp án) với mã đề 132 của trường THPT Chuyên Nguyễn Huệ.



Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút
(Đề có 6 trang, 80 câu trắc nghiệm)

Mã đề thi 132

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

Question 1: A. criticize B. miserable C. inferior D. questionable

Question 2: A. television B. repetition C. mountaineer D. residential

Question 3: A. experience B. simplify C. physician D. maternal

Question 4: A. quality B. satisfy C. sequential D. reference

Question 5: A. neutralize B. establish C. regional D. maximum

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to complete each unfinished sentence or substitute the underlined part.

Question 6: I may look half asleep, but I can assure you I am _______ awake.

A. broad B. full C. well D. wide

Question 7: It’s important to project a(n) _______ image during the interview.

A. upbeat B. cheerful C. optimistic D. positive

Question 8: _______ that he had no choice but to leave early.

A. In such a situation did he find himself B. In such a situation he found himself

C. He found himself in a situation where D. He found himself in a so embarrassing situation

Question 9: The children can stay here _______ they don’t make too much noise.

A. whether B. providing C. unless D. until

Question 10: There’s no danger in using this machine as long as you _______ to the safety regulations.

A. comply B. abide C. adhere D. observe

Question 11: Sports drinks have caught _______ as consumers have become more health-conscious.

A. in B. at C. out D. on

Question 12: It’s a serious operation for a man as old as my father. He is very frail. I hope he _______.

A. gets away B. comes round C. pulls through D. stands up

Question 13: The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids.

A. changed completely B. cleaned well

C. destroyed completely D. removed quickly

Question 14: Sometimes life must be very unpleasant for _______ near the airport.

A. those living B. someone to live C. people live D. they who live

Question 15: -“_______.” – “Thank you. We are proud of him.”

A. Your child is just adorable! B. Can we ask your child to take a photo?

C. Your kid is naughty. D. I can give your kid a lift to school.

Question 16: -“The test results will be released at 9 am tomorrow!” - “Will it? _______.”

A. Can I wait for it? B. Could it wait? C. Yes, please. D. I can’t wait!

Question 17: I’ll be kind to them _______ they decide to leave me.

A. lest B. whereas C. in case D. so as not

Question 18: - “_______” - “I love it. It’s great, especially at night.”

A. When do you often listen to classical music? B. How do you like classical music?

C. What kind of music do you like? D. How often do you listen to classical music?

Question 19: To what extent will future scientific discoveries make possible the _______ of the human life span?

A. increase B. prolongation C. expansion D. growth

Question 20: Left - hand traffic, a custom existing in Britain only, _______ back to the days when English people went to and fro on horseback.

A. dated B. dating C. dates D. which dates

Question 21: She came in covered in mud. So I bathed her and _______ her in new clothes.

A. wearing B. dressed C. put D. wore

Question 22: The brochure stated the hotel was situated _______ beside the sea.

A. direct B. precise C. right D. exact

Question 23: _______ he was kidnapped by the Iraqi guerrillas yesterday has been confirmed.

A. If B. What C. That D. Ø

Question 24: The optic fiber was a major _______ in the field of telecommunications.

A. break down B. breakthrough C. revolution D. technique

Question 25: The police _______ a good deal of criticism over their handling of the demonstration.

A. brought about B. opened up C. went down with D. came in for

Question 26: She has just bought _______.

A. a French old interesting painting B. an old interesting painting French

C. an interesting old French painting D. a French interesting old paint

Question 27: Aspirin was used as a medicine as far _______ as the 5th century BC.

A. back B. behind C. beyond D. before

Question 28: He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking.

A. irritates me B. steers me C. moves me D. frightens me

Question 29: Employers are not allowed to discriminate against an applicant because of their social or financial _______.

A. background B. history C. precedent D. past

Question 30: He was tried for forgery in a law court but was lucky enough to _______.

A. get by B. get to C. get through D. get off

Question 31: John: “Could you tell me how to get to the nearest post office?” Peter: “_______.”

A. Sorry for this inconvenience B. Not at all

C. Sorry, I’m a new comer here D. I have no clue

Question 32: Anna was so _______ in her work that she didn’t notice when I came in.

A. absent-minded B. wrapped up C. busy D. concentrating

Question 33: This man is so arrogant that he is completely _______ to all criticism.

A. impervious B. unaware C. regardless D. unconscious

Question 34: - “Would you like some more to eat?” - “No, thank you. I’ve had more than enough already.”

A. amount B. race C. pour D. plenty

Question 35: Only 40 % of 5-year-olds have _______ to pre-school children.

A. denial B. access C. recognition D. approach

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

In this era of increased global warming and diminishing fossil fuel supplies, we must begin to put a greater priority on harnessing alternative energy sources. Fortunately, there are a number of readily available, renewable resources that are both cost- effective and earth – friendly. Two such resources are solar power and geothermal power.

Solar energy, which reaches the earth through sunlight, is so abundant that it could meet the needs of worldwide energy consumption 6,000 times over. And solar energy is easily harnessed through the use of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to electricity. In the US alone, more than 100, 000 homes are equipped with solar electric systems in the form of solar panels or solar roof tiles. And in other parts of the world, including many developing countries, the use of solar system is growing steadily.

Another alternative energy source, which is abundant in specific geographical areas, is geothermal power, which creates energy by tapping heat from below the surface of the earth. Hot water and steam that are trapped in underground pools are pumped to the surface and used to run a generator, which produces electricity. Geothermal energy is 50,000 times more abundant than the entire known supply of fossil fuel resources and as with solar power, the technology needed to utilize geothermal energy is fairly simple. A prime example of effective geothermal use in Iceland, a region of high geothermal activity where there are over 80 percent of private homes, are heated by geothermal power.

Solar and geothermal energy are just two of promising renewable alternatives to conventional energy sources. The time is long overdue to invest in the development and use of alternative energy on global scale.

Question 36: What is the main topic of this passage?

A. The benefits of solar and wind power over conventional energy sources.

B. Two types of alternative energy sources that should be further utilized.

C. How energy resources are tapped from nature.

D. Examples of the use of energy sources worldwide.

Question 37: According to the passage, why should we consider using alternative energy sources?

A. Because fossil fuels are no longer available.

B. Because global warming has increased the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth.

C. Because they are free and available worldwide.

D. Because conventional energy resources are being depleted, and they cause environmental damage.

Question 38: Which of the following words could best replace the word “harnessing”?

A. Capturing B. Harassing C. Depleting D. Exporting

Question 39: According to the passage, what can be inferred about solar roof tiles?

A. They are being used in many undeveloped countries.

B. They can convert geothermal energy to electricity.

C. They are more expensive than solar panels.

D. They contain photovoltaic cells.

Question 40: According to the passage, how is solar energy production similar to geothermal energy production?

A. They both require the use of a generator. B. They both use heat from the earth’s surface.

C. They both require fairly simple technology. D. They are both conventional and costly.

Question 41: Where is the best place in the passage to insert the following sentence?

“Although the US is not utilizing geothermal resources to this extent, the Western US has a similar capacity to generate geothermal power”

A. after the phrase “earth-friendly” B. after the phrase “growing steadily”

C. after the phrase “geothermal power” D. after the phrase “global scale”

Question 42: According to the passage, which of the following is true about solar power?

A. There is very little of it available in Iceland.

B. It is being used in 100, 000 private homes worldwide.

C. It is 6,000 times more powerful than energy from fossil fuels.

D. There is enough of it to far exceed the energy needs of the world.

Question 43: What can be inferred about the use of geothermal energy in Iceland?

A. It is widely used form of energy for heating homes.

B. Twenty percent of the geothermal energy created is used to heat businesses.

C. It is not effective for use in private homes.

D. It is 80 times more effective than traditional forms of energy.

Question 44: What does the author imply about alternative energy sources?

A. Many different types of alternative energy sources exist.

B. Most alternative energy sources are too impractical for private use.

C. Alternative energy is too expensive for developing countries to produce.

D. Solar and geothermal energy are the effective forms of alternative power.

Question 45: What best describes the author’s purpose in writing the passage?

A. To warn people about the hazards of fossil fuel use.

B. To convince people of the benefits of developing alternative energy sources.

C. To describe the advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy use.

D. To outline the problems and solutions connected with global warming.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the best way to make the sentence from the cues.

Question 46: How/ ungrateful/ you/ not/ greet/ former/ teacher/ meet/ him.

A. How ungrateful of you not to greet your former teacher when you met him.

B. How ungrateful you are not to greet your former teacher when you met him.

C. How ungrateful of you not to greet your former teacher to met him.

D. How ungrateful to you not to greet your former teacher when you met him.

Question 47: If / he/ come/ station/ earlier/ not miss/ train.

A. If he had came to the station earlier he would not have missed the train.

B. If he had come to the station earlier he would have not missed the train.

C. If he has come to the station earlier he would not have missed the train.

D. If he had come to the station earlier he would not have missed the train.

Question 48: The/ book/ boring/ I/ it/ reading/ so/ stopped/ that/ was/.

A. The book was so boring that I stopped reading it.

B. The book was boring so that I stopped reading it.

C. The reading book was so boring that I stopped it.

D. The boring book stopped reading so that I was it.

Question 49: be sure/ good seat/ your tickets / should/ bought/ advance.

A. To be sure of a good seat, your tickets should be bought in advance.

B. To be sure of a good seat, your tickets should be bought advance.

C. I’m sure about a good seat for your tickets should be bought in advance.

D. To be sure of a good seat for your tickets should be bought in advance.

Question 50: fact/ her son/ out/ danger/ bring/ her/ some relief.

A. The fact that her son is out of danger brought her some relief.

B. The fact that her son was out of danger which brought her some relief.

C. The fact that her son is out of danger has brought her some relief.

D. The fact that her son was out of danger brought her some relief.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Question 51: (A) Providing relief after the disaster necessitated the mobilization of vast (B) amounts of food, (C) medical supply, and (D) people.

Question 52: Excavations in several mounds and villages (A) on the east bank of the Euphrates River (B) have revealed the city of Nebuchadnezzar, an ancient community that (C) had been laying under (D) later reconstructions of the city of Babylon.

Question 53: Assessment instruments in nursery schools (A) they feature items and (B) other materials different (C) from those on elementary (D) school tests.

Question 54: Migrant (A) workers live in (B) substandard (C) unsanitary, and dilapidated housing and often (D) are lacking medical care.

Question 55: For thousands of years, (A) man has created (B) sweet-smelling substances from wood, herbs, and flowers and (C) using them for perfume (D) or medicine.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions or indicate the correct answer to each of them.

Question 56: The noise next door did not stop until after midnight.

A. Not until after midnight the noise next door stopped.

B. It was not until after midnight that the noise next door stopped.

C. The noise next door stopped at midnight.

D. It was midnight and the noise next door stopped.

Question 57: Their dog was so fierce that nobody would visit them.

A. They had a such fierce dog that nobody would visit them.

B. They had so fierce a dog that nobody would visit them.

C. Their dog was too fierce to visit.

D. They had a so fierce dog that nobody would visit them.

Question 58: If you want to be kept informed about current affairs, you should listen to the radio.

A. Only by listening to the radio, you can keep yourself informed about current affairs.

B. Listening to the radio and you will be kept informed about current affairs.

C. A good way of keeping yourself informed about current affairs is listen to the radio.

D. Listening to the radio is a good way of keeping yourself informed about current affairs.

Question 59: I travel by bus only when I have no alternative.

A. Travelling by bus is my only alternative.

B. It’s my only alternative to travel by bus.

C. I resort to travelling by bus only when I have no alternative.

D. I travel by bus only as a last resort.

Question 60: What the politician was saying fell on deaf ears last night.

A. No one listened to what the politician was saying last night because they had deaf ears.

B. No one listened to what the politician was saying last night.

C. What the politician was saying deafened the listeners last night.

D. The politician fell deaf when he was speaking last night.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the numbered blanks.

Everybody has heard about the Internet, do you know what an “intranet” is? It is this: just as the Internet connects people around the world, intranets connect people within a (61) _______ company. In fact, intranets make use of the same software programs as the Internet to (62) _______ computers and people. This (63) _______ that you do not have to buy a lot of additional programs to set up an intranet service. If your intranet is working properly, it can link together a huge amount of (64) _______ which is stored in different places in the company. In this way, people can get the information they need, regardless (65) _______ where it comes from. A company intranet can, of course, be used for unimportant information like office memos or canteen menus. But an intranet should (66) _______ important information which people need to make decision about new products, costs and so on. The intranet is (67) _______ to share their information with other people. (68) _______, many departments don’t want to share their specialist knowledge with others. Another problem which often occurs is (69) _______ top managers like to use the intranet to “communicate down” rather than to “communicate across”. That is, they use the intranet to give orders, not to (70) _______ information between themselves and others working in the same organization.

Question 61: A. branch B. jointed C. single D. large

Question 62: A. contact B. compare C. distinguish D. introduce

Question 63: A. indicates B. is C. means D. is said

Question 64: A. information B. properties C. elements D. parts

Question 65: A. to B. on C. with D. of

Question 66: A. provide B. take C. give D. bring

Question 67: A. going B. willing C. likely D. happened

Question 68: A. However B. Luckily C. Unfortunately D. Consequently

Question 69: A. which B. it C. what D. that

Question 70: A. enjoy B. provide C. share D. divide

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions or indicate the correct answer to each of them.

Lighthouses are towers with strong lights that help mariners plot their position, inform them that land is near, and warn them of dangerous rocks and reefs. They are placed at prominent points on the coast and on islands, reefs, and sandbars.

Every lighthouse has a distinctive pattern of light known as its characteristic. There are five basic characteristics: fixed, flashing, occulting, group flashing, and group occulting. A fixed signal is a steady beam. A flashing signal has periods of darkness longer than periods of light, while an occulting signal’s periods of light are longer. A group- flashing light gives off two or more flashes at regular intervals, and a group – occulting signal consists of a fixed light with two or more periods of darkness at regular intervals. Some lighthouses use lights of different colors as well, and today, most lighthouses are also equipped with radio beacons. The three types of apparatus used to produce the signals are the catoptric, in which metal is used to reflect the light; the dioptric, in which glass is used; and the catadioptric, in which both glass and metal are used.

In the daytime, lighthouses can usually be identified by their structure alone. The most typical structure is a tower tapering at the top, but some, such as the Bastion Lighthouse on the Saint Lawrence River, are shaped like pyramids, and others, such as the Race Rock light, look like wooden houses sitting on high platforms. Still others, such as The American Shoal lighthouse off the Florida Coast, are skeletal towers of steel. Where lighthouses might be confused in daylight, they can be distinguished by day- marker patterns – designed of checks and stripes painted in vivid colors on lighthouse walls.

In the past, the job of lighthouse keeper was lonely and difficult if somewhat romantic. Lighthouse keepers put in hours of tedious work maintaining the lights. Today, lighthouses are almost entirely automated with humans supplying only occasional maintenance. Because of improvements in navigational technology, the importance of lighthouses has diminished. There are only about 340 functioning lighthouses in existence in the United States today, compared to about 1,500 in 1900, and there are only about 1,400 functioning lighthouses outside the United States. Some decommissioned lighthouses have been preserved as historical monument.

Question 71: Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as one of the functions of lighthouses?

A. To help sailors determine their location B. To warn of danger from rocks and reefs

C. To notify sailors that bad weather is approaching D. To indicate that land is near

Question 72: The word “prominent” is closest in meaning to_______.

A. dangerous B. conspicuous C. picturesque D. famous

Question 73: In the context of this passage, the author uses the term “characteristic” to refer to a _______.

A. period of darkness B. person who operates a lighthouse

C. pattern painted on a lighthouse D. distinctive light signal

Question 74: According to the passage, what kind of signal has long periods of light that are regularly broken by two or more periods of darkness?

A. Flashing B. Group occulting C. occulting D. Group flashing

Question 75: According to the passage, a catoptric apparatus is one that uses _______.

A. lights of various colors B. metal

C. glass D. a radio beacon

Question 76: For which of the following does the author NOT provide a scientific example in the third paragraph?

A. A lighthouse shaped like a pyramid B. A lighthouse made of steel

C. A lighthouse with day-marker patterns D. A lighthouse that resembles a house on a platform

Question 77: The word “tapering” is closest in meaning to which of the following?

A. Soaring B. Narrowing C. Opening D. Rotating

Question 78: It can be concluded from the passage that lighthouses with day- marker patterns would most likely be found in areas where_______.

A. the weather is frequently bad

B. the structure themselves cannot be easily seen by passing mariners

C. there are not many lighthouses

D. there are a number of lighthouses with similar structures

Question 79: The author implies that, compared to those of the past, contemporary lighthouses ______.

A. employ more powerful lights B. require less maintenance

C. are more difficult to operate D. are more romantic

Question 80: There is information in the fourth paragraph to support which of these statements?

A. There are more lighthouses in the United States now than there were in 1900.

B. There are more lighthouses in the United States today than in any other single country.

C. There are more functioning lighthouses in the United States today than there are lighthouses preserved as historical monuments.

D. There were more lighthouses in the United States in 1900 than there are elsewhere in the world today.

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